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Check out Concordia Nebraska’s significant tuition cuts on their Online Graduate Programs

June 28th, 2017 By: The SRUSA Team

An ongoing priority for Concordia University-Nebraska, one of our esteemed university partners, is to make the application process for their array of online graduate programs hassle-free from start to finish. And that includes accessibility.

Inspired by their Lutheran values and mission to help students find their calling, Concordia Nebraska believes that it’s important to provide transparent and affordable pricing without hidden fees. That way, if you choose to apply for one of their graduate degrees in education, health, athletics administration, or business, you’ll know exactly what you can expect to pay. (Of course, students are still welcome to pursue their own sources of scholarships, grants or external funding to help with costs even further.)

We’re thrilled to share with you the new prices, taking effect for our next cohort start date of August 28.

Program Current Tuition (Total Cost) New Price (Total Cost) Difference
M.Ed. $550/Credit ($19,800) $425 / ($15,300) $4,500
MBA $697/Credit ($25,092) $555 / ($19,980) $5,112
M.S.A.A. $550/Credit ($16,500) $500 / ($15,000) $1,500
M.H.A. $640/Credit ($23,040) $500 / ($18,000) $5,040
M.H.S. $640/Credit ($23,040) $425 / ($15,300) $7,740
M.P.H. $640/Credit ($24,960) $500 / ($19,500) $5,460

If a Christ-centered community that will support you throughout your educational journey seems right up you alley, we encourage you to explore their high-quality online programs further now. They are perfect for anyone looking to rediscover their passion for their current career or seeking a new career altogether.

As always, feel free to reach out to us for any questions.

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